DSFD 2008
Paper Submission

Dear DSFD2008 authors:
Due to the non-uniformity of file format that we are receiving from our  DSFD2008 authors and, also, considering that some authors complain their file sizes are too large to be sent by e-mail, we contacted JSTAT and after some e-mail messages, we have decided with the Journal to modify the submission procedure.
In the last week, JSTAT has created a specific field for DSFD2008 submissions and authors should submit/ resubmit their papers directly to JSTAT system
This will generate an authors' page, which will be important for a smooth handling of the reviewing process.
Therefore, considering these changes, we also decided to extend our submission deadline to November, 3rd.
This gives another week to our authors.
All authors, including the ones who still sent their papers to our Editorial Committee, must submit/resubmit their papers directly to JSTAT system by going to the JSTAT page


and follow the guidelines below:
A) If you are an author still registered at JSTAT, select DSFD2008 field and follow the guidelines in the page. In the keywords page, please, do not forget to add the keyword ‘Special Issue’. This is important and will avoid your paper be sent to a regular JSTAT reviewing process.
B) If you are not registered at JSTAT, i) click ‘Home’, go to the  JSTAT registration page and register yourself; ii) you will receive an answer by e-mail confirming your registration; iii) after that you should login in the JSTAT page; iv) finally follow the link below to our Special Issue, 

and follow the instructions of item A, above.
In any case, the papers, in order to be handled by JSTAT, should be uploaded through this page.
We apologize but, although  this can represent some trouble in the begining, these changes will speed the overall reviewing process.

Should you have any doubts and questions, please, feel free to contact us for assistance at the address